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3D model photography allows you to place 3D models of any objects on your website.  Objects less than 30 inches in size can be photographed from multiple angles and modeled by 3D software to be placed as an interactive display model on a web page.  Each model requires 40-50 shots to be complete.  The model is easily embedded in a new or existing website.

The viewer can interact with the model by rotating the object 360 degrees over all axis.  In other words, the viewer can inspect the top, bottom and back side of each object by dragging the mouse over the model and turning the object around.  In addition, the viewer can zoom in on the object and measure distances between any two points on the object.  

The 3D interactive model gives the viewer a much better insight in the true look and feel of the object than any series of 2 dimensional pictures ever could.  Please take a look at the various examples by clicking on the left menu.

To view the models you have to make sure that JAVA is loaded and enabled in your Browser!  Note that Java is not supported yet on Mobile Devices.

Larger objects can be photographed in the round and the pictures can be processed and turned into a (pseudo) 3D model that spins the object around.  See an example of a spinning model in the menu on the left.


  • About MedowinWeb Open or Close

    MedowinWeb's principal is Peter Gommers.  Peter has more than 30 years of experience in software.  The last 5 years he has specialized in web design, graphic design, photography and multi-media. His first web designs were for fellow artists who wanted to be able to maintain their own Websites and artwork files.  Press the "Art Gallery" button in the Toolchest menu to see an example of a gallery that can be easily maintained by the artist.  The "Flash Gallery" illustrates a different approach using Adobe Flash to show the artwork. Our goal:  Web design by an artist for artists.  We understand your goals.

    In the last three years we have ventured out successfully to create websites for small businesses, retail and member organizations.

    We are proud to be working with all of the latest and greatest technologies and software in the webdesign and development world.  Medowin, Inc. has been in business since 2006 and has developed a multitude of websites for a wide variety of businesses and clients over the years.

    MedowinWeb has extensive experience in product branding and copy writing.  With our marketing and graphic design background we can help with marketing communications such as brochures, business cards, posters and banners and help you competitively position and differentiate your business.

    About Medowin

    Medowin is a Native American word (Algonquin) that describes a spiritual leader who is a "see'er" or Shaman.  We adopted this name because it represents what we would like our company to provide our clients, a window to their future. 

    On a side note, we lived in a house in Maine, where the Rocks contain Indian petroglyphs (rock carvings).  These petroglyphs were created by the Medowin of the Passamaquoddy Tribe, (a member of the Algonquin Nation) over the last thousands of years.  These rock carvings tell a story; one of the very few documentations of an ancient culture. If you would like to learn more about these ancient relics, we created a website for and co-curated the Equinox Petroglyph Project.

  • Youtube Video Open or Close

    This is an example of a Youtube video that is embedded in this website.

    This video is a must to watch; it was made at a UN conference in 2007.  In fact, every politician should be made to view this before any major event.

  • Local Video Open or Close

    This is a an example of a video file that is stored on the local website.  This particular example is based on a "mov" type video file.

  • Art Gallery Open or Close

    This gallery is created automatically from all image files stored in a folder. Inside this folder is a text file that gives all images their descriptions. In addition, a file upload module will be enabled for registered users and allows for immediate addition to the gallery. Maintenance of this gallery does not require any website building knowledge and can easily be done by the artist.

    Hover the mouse over the gallery to enable the Next button to show the second page of the gallery.  Click on an image to see it enlarged and to start a slideshow.

  • Music Open or Close
  • Online Store Open or Close

    MedowinWeb implements online store systems.  Here is a small example of what is possible.  Click on the Photos or Books menu to see the listed products.  Note that the store really works and you can actually buy my book or photographs.

  • Our Toolchest Open or Close

    We have a large set of features that we can apply to your website.  On the side menu you have a taste of the various extensions we have available; embedding of video, music, methods of showing images, a web shop and an example of an event calendar.  Other extensions have been used throughout this website, for example: a photo slideshow, a moving carousel of images with web links, a map with directions and a contact form.  Many more are available. 

    Content Management System

    We have specialized in the use of a Content Management System (CMS) to build websites.  Joomla is the CMS of our choice.  It is widely used and has many extensions.  More importantly, it gives you full ownership and exclusive access to your website allowing you to make your own updates online-- easily.  All tools exist on the web server we set up for you so you don't need any special software on your computer to access your site.  And, when you use this standard solution, you have the insurance that you can not be left with a proprietary hodgepodge website that nobody else can understand or change in the future.


    The page lay-out is defined in the template.  The template provides a uniform view to your website.  However, if you wish, a page can be customized to the point where each can have its individual template.  In other words, the lay-out is very versatile.

    Many pre-build templates are offered in the Joomla world.  Some are free, some cost money, but typically the commercial templates are inexpensive.  All templates can be modified to suit your taste.  Your own logo and images can be used in every template.

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