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We have a large set of features that we can apply to your website.  On the side menu you have a taste of the various extensions we have available; embedding of video, music, methods of showing images, a web shop and an example of an event calendar.  Other extensions have been used throughout this website, for example: a photo slideshow, a moving carousel of images with web links, a map with directions and a contact form.  Many more are available. 

Content Management System

We have specialized in the use of a Content Management System (CMS) to build websites.  Joomla is the CMS of our choice.  It is widely used and has many extensions.  More importantly, it gives you full ownership and exclusive access to your website allowing you to make your own updates online-- easily.  All tools exist on the web server we set up for you so you don't need any special software on your computer to access your site.  And, when you use this standard solution, you have the insurance that you can not be left with a proprietary hodgepodge website that nobody else can understand or change in the future.


The page lay-out is defined in the template.  The template provides a uniform view to your website.  However, if you wish, a page can be customized to the point where each can have its individual template.  In other words, the lay-out is very versatile.

Many pre-build templates are offered in the Joomla world.  Some are free, some cost money, but typically the commercial templates are inexpensive.  All templates can be modified to suit your taste.  Your own logo and images can be used in every template.

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